Avianca Holdings S.A.

Avianca Holdings S.A.

Avianca Holdings S.A. is a pan-regional Latin American company that holds investments in passenger airlines, cargo airlines, a loyalty program, and other activities related to tourism, engineering, maintenance, and specialized maintenance services. Avianca Holdings S.A., through its subsidiaries, provides passenger and cargo air transportation services in North America, Central America, the Caribbean, Colombia, Europe, and South America. The company offers aircraft maintenance, crew training, and other airport services to other carriers, as well as travel and cargo related services to its customers. In addition, Avianca is provides ground handling services for third-party airlines and aircraft leasing services as well as LifeMiles™, its frequent flyer program. LifeMiles™ features 9.7 million members and increased membership by 11% in 2019 alone.

Lines of Business

Passenger transportation

Through its subsidiaries, Avianca Holdings S.A. provides domestic and international passenger transportation, both within the Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Peru domestic markets as well as through international routes serving North, Central and South America, Europe, and the Caribbean. Avianca operates a fleet of over 181 aircraft, serving more than 100 destinations in 28 countries, through 170 routes and more than 6,000 weekly departures. Avianca has been an integral member of Star Alliance, one of the world's largest global airline alliances, since 2012, which provides Avianca customers with access to the routes, destinations and services of the extensive Star Alliance network. As of today, passenger transport accounts for about 80% of Avianca Holdings S.A. consolidated revenues.

Cargo and courier

Tampa Cargo S.A., Avianca’s Cargo Business Unit, provides airfreight carrier and cargo transportation solutions throughout North, Central and South America, Europe, and the Caribbean. Tampa Cargo serves more than a hundred destinations through its Airbus A330, A300F and the Boeing 767F fleet as well as within the bellies of Avianca’s passenger fleet aircraft. To date, Avianca Cargo is the number one cargo airline operating from El Dorado Airport (Bogota, Colombia), based on volumes of cargo and freight transported, and one of the most relevant air cargo carriers at the Miami International Airport (Miami, United States). The Company also provides ground operations for third-party airlines at certain airport hubs.

Loyalty & Others

Avianca operates a “coalition loyalty program”; a loyalty card system, packaging customer benefits into a single customer loyalty program which offers our customers important incentives. This includes the LifeMiles a frequent flyer program for Avianca’s airline subsidiaries. Customers earn miles through the LifeMiles program by flying with Avianca or its partner carriers, including those within the Star Alliance, and by using non–air program partners’ services, including credit cards, hotels, car rentals and others. Miles earned can be exchanged for flights or partners’ other products or services. Customers can redeem their awards through Star Alliance members, which gives our customers access to the routes, destinations and services of the full Star Alliance network.

Further, other revenues also include air transport-related services such as maintenance, crew training and other airport services provided to other carriers through our Avianca Services division. In addition to the aforementioned services Avianca Services provides all ground services and handling for our domestic and international passengers, as well as 12 additional foreign carriers operating from the Bogotá hub.

* For more detail regarding the subsidiary companies of all our lines of business please see page 83 of our 20F Annual Report

Holding Structure

Holding Structure


As of September 30, 2021, the distribution of Avianca Holdings S.A shares was:

BRW Aviation LLC51.53%

Kingsland Holdings Ltd14.46%

Preferred Shares34.01%

Executive Management

Business Strategy & Competitive Strengths

Our goal is to leverage our superior customer service and leadership position as one of Latin America’s premium flag carriers, while expanding our network and reducing our operating costs, in order to ensure continued profitable and sustainable growth in the Latin American aviation market. Key elements of our business strategy include:

  • Enhance customer loyalty through superior customer service. Our customer-centric business plan is central to our strategy. Supported by technology, our aim is to continue to enhance customer experience while boosting productivity.
  • Our strategy is based on:
    • Engaging, training and rewarding dedicated personnel;
    • Implementing the latest technological platforms to improve our team´s productivity;
    • Provide high-quality operations, and enhance customer´s digital experience by delivering enhanced products and services such as improved VIP lounges, self-service check-in (over the internet, at kiosks or from mobile phones) a mobile app, virtual assistance and a superior experience aboard modern aircraft with a varied selection of in-flight entertainment options.
  • We seek to expand our passenger business by protecting and leveraging our strong presence while optimizing our network in the markets we serve. We also continue to expand and grow our presence in the region with domestic and international destinations routes through our Bogotá and Lima hubs, as well as by enhancing our connectivity for passengers traveling between South and North America via our San Salvador hub. As such we aim to be the preferred airline to connect Latin America with the world.
  • Our LifeMiles loyalty and Cargo business units are integral to our strategy. Avianca leverages the LifeMiles frequent flyer program to increase customer loyalty and attract new customers by providing competitive benefits including priority seating, check-in and baggage handling and VIP lounge access. We also plan to continue growing our cargo operations. Avianca Cargo offers an attractive opportunity for growth, complementing our passenger operations and diversifying our sources of revenue and profit. Today, our Cargo & Other Business Units, including LifeMiles, represent 20.0% of Avianca Holdings revenue.
  • Finally, we are focused on achieving further synergies through multi-industry strategic partnerships; implementing initiatives that will increase revenues to drive growth by continuing to consolidate our operations and enhance our revenue management practices, while continuing to seek new alliances in the future.
    Avianca expects to achieve further cost synergies by optimizing our administrative and operational procedures, particularly related to fleet management, and consolidating our maintenance procedures across the regions we serve while optimizing our flight operations, increasing aircraft utilization through a flexible fleet plan and enhanced crew planning with more efficient use of our regional hubs.