Why Invest in Avianca Holdings S.A.?

Why Invest in Avianca Holdings S.A.?

We are committed to optimizing our investments to generate value and sustainable growth.
Below are just a few of the reasons to why you should invest in Avianca Holdings S.A.:

  • A market leader in Latam

    A market leader in a dynamic Latin American region. We are the leader in the Colombian domestic market as well as in the market for international passenger service within the Andean region and Central America; a region with approximately 150.5 million inhabitants (excluding Panama) as of December 31, 2016 and what we believe to be dynamic and growing economies.
  • Excellent brand name

    Over the years we have built a strong Avianca brand associated with a superior customer experience.
  • A multi-hub network in Latam

    A multi-hub network in Latin America; a market with a high growth potential. Our strategically located hubs in Bogotá, Lima and San Salvador cover the domestic markets in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Central America and support a broad international network connecting the Andean Region, Central America, the Caribbean, North America and Europe. Our network’s extensive reach, as well as our code share alliances and Star Alliance membership, provide our customers with a wide range of destination options and provide Avianca with a geographically diversified source of revenues that affords us flexibility and adaptability with respect to demand cycles in our industry.
  • Modern passenger fleets

    One of the most modern passenger fleets among Latin American airlines. Our ongoing fleet modernization process has increased our jet passenger fleet’s capacity and has made our jet passenger operative fleet one of the youngest among Latin American airlines, optimizing fuel efficiency, improving our technical dispatch reliability while again enhancing the overall customer experience.
  • Diversified sources of revenue

    Diversified business through targeted investments. Avianca offers specialized courier and cargo services, a world-class loyalty program, personnel training, aircraft maintenance and tourism products which have increased revenue sources year over year. For this reason, and recognizing the value that these businesses have created to complement our passenger transport business, the Company decided to consolidate these businesses consolidate and continue to expand. The LifeMiles program has enhanced loyalty to Avianca with more than 7 million members as of December 31, 2016. LifeMiles has also won eight Freddie Awards; more than any other program in the Americas since 2013 (including three in 2016), and is the only Latin American program to have won a Freddie since 2012.