Corporate Profile

Avianca Holdings S.A. is a Holding company incorporated under Panamanian law. On December 1, 2021, Avianca Holdings S.A. complied with the conditions precedent included in: (i) the Equity Conversion and Commitment Agreement (the “ECCA”) by and among the Company, certain of its subsidiaries, and each of Avianca’s “Tranche B” Lenders, and confirmed by the Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York (the “Court”) on September 14, 2021, (ii) the reorganization plan approved by the company’s creditors and confirmed by the Court (the “Plan”) on November 2, 2021, were complied with, allowing the Company to successfully emergence from Chapter 11

As part of the execution, development and fulfillment of the Plan and the Equity Conversion and Commitment Agreement Equity Conversion and Commitment Agreement, and in compliance with the commitments acquired with the Tranche B lenders and the unsecured creditors, Avianca Holdings S.A. transferred, directly or indirectly, the Company's assets (including, without limitation, operating assets of the subsidiaries) and its restructured external financial obligations to Avianca Group International Limited, a company domiciled in the United Kingdom ("Avianca Group").”